CTW 2013 - Local Arrangement

Local Arrangement – CTW 2013

CTW 2013 will be held at the University of Twente.


We blocked a couple of rooms at Hotel Drienerburght and at Logica. The rates are according to the table below (prices are including breakfast). To book a room at Drienerburght,
  1. go to the website of Drienerburght,
  2. fill in the code "Cologne", click "login",
  3. fill in dates, click "check",
  4. click button "book" and fill in the reservations form.
To book a room at Logica,
  1. go to the website of Logica,
  2. click "reservation", click "hotel room reservation",
  3. fill in the reservation form, add "I take part in the conference Cologne".
single roomdouble room
Drienerburght 75.00 € 96.00 €
Logica, with shower and toilet 51.50 € 75.00 €
Logica, with shower and toilet on corridor 48,50 € 72,00 €


You can find travel information at http://www.utwente.nl/en/contact/route/. Alternatively there are several airports in Germany near Enschede.

Schiphol Airport (AMS)

If you come by plane, usually you fly to Schiphol, the largest airport in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam. There is an intercity train from Schiphol that goes straight to Enschede Central Station. The trip from Schiphol to Enschede takes about two hours. When you arrive at the train station in Enschede, take bus line 1 to 'Universiteit Twente'. There are several bus stops on the campus. (Second option: Switch trains in Hengelo and travel further with a regional train to station Enschede Drienerlo. This station is located at walking distance of the University of Twente main entrance (about 1 km).

Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)

Enschede can be reached by train (Deutsche Bahn) from Düsseldorf Airport (DUS). It should take around three hours to reach Enschede train station. From there you can take bus line 1 to 'Universiteit Twente'. Tickets and travel information are available from the ticket vending machines at the train station in the terminal of Düsseldorf Airport (or any other train station). If you take only regional trains (S, RE and RB trains) after 09:00 you can use a SchönerTagTicket to get to Enschede. It costs € 28,50 for a single ticket or € 39,50 for a ticket for up to 5 people and can be bought from the ticket vending machine.

Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO)

Enschede can be reached by car from Münster/Osnabrück Airport. It takes about one hour. It should be possible to take a taxi to the university for around € 150,-- if arranged in advance.

Interactive map of the venue

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For further information, you can contact Bodo Manthey or Johann Hurink.