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Plenary Talk

Erwin W. Hans
Operations Research for hospital process optimization

Accepted Talks

N.M.M. de Abreu, P. Hansen, C.S. Oliveira, L.S. de Lima
Bounds on the index of the Signless Laplacian of a graph involving the average degree of neighbors of a vertex

N.E. Aguilera, V.A. Leoni, G.L. Nasini
Some flexibility problems and their complexity

S.D. Andres
Directed defective asymmetric graph coloring games on forests

H.L. Bodlaender, A. Grigoriev, N.V. Grigorieva, A. Hendriks
The Valve Location Problem

P.S. Bonsma
Most balanced minimum cuts and partially ordered knapsack

A. Bettinelli, A. Ceselli, G. Righini
A branch-and-price algorithm for the variable size bin packing problem with minimum filling constraint

S. Coene, F.C.R. Spieksma
A latency problem with profits

U. Faigle, B. Peis
A two-phase greedy algorithm for modular lattice polyhedra

J.F. Feng
A characterization for jump graphs containing complementary cycles

H. Fernau
Dynamic Programming for Queen Domination

M.C. Golumbic, M. Lipshteyn, M. Stern
Edge intersection graphs of single bend paths on a grid

R. Gollmer, U. Gotzes, F. Neise, R. Schultz
Stochastic Programs with Dominance Constraints Induced by Mixed-Integer Linear Recourse

D.R. Grigoras, C. Hoede
Design of Object Processing Systems

A. Grigoriev, J. van Loon, M. Sviridenko, M. Uetz, T. Vredeveld
Optimal Bundle Pricing for Homogeneous Items

I.B.A. Hartman
On Path Partitions and Colorings in Digraphs

B. Heydenreich, R. Muller, M. Uetz, R. Vohra
On Revenue Equivalence in Truthful Mechanisms

S. Hossain, M.F. Zibran
A Multi-phase Approach to the University Course Timetabling Problem

J.L. Hurink, T. Nieberg
Approximating Minimum Independent Dominating Sets in Wireless Networks

Y. Kempner, V.E. Levit
Representation of Poly-antimatroids

W. Kern, G.J. Still
Wardrop equilibrium traffic flows with discontinous travel times

W. Kern, X. Wang
On full components for Rectilinear Steiner tree

J. Leblet, J.X. Rampon
St-serie decomposition of orders

R. Li, S. Li, J. Feng
The number of vertices whose out-arcs are pancyclic in 2-strong tournaments

L. Liberti
A useful characterization of the feasible region of binary linear programs

V. Lozin, M. Milanic
On the maximum independent set problem in subclasses of planar and more general graphs

D. Lozovanu, S. Pickl
Multiobjective Hierarchical Control of Time-Discrete Systems and Determining Stackelberg Strategies

G. Nannicini, Ph. Baptiste, D. Krob, L. Liberti
Fast point-to-point shortest path queries on dynamic road networks with interval data

J.A. Rodriguez-Velazquez, J.M. Sigarreta
On the defensive k-alliance number of a graph

J.J. Paulus, J.L. Hurink
Decomposition Method for Project Scheduling with Adjacent Resources

A. Peeters, K. Coolsaet, G. Brinkmann, N. Van Cleemput, V. Fack
GrInvIn for Graph Theory Teaching and Research

M.C. Plateau, L. Liberti, L. Alfandari
Edge cover by bipartite subgraphs

J. Spoerhase, H.-C. Wirth
Relaxed Voting and Competitive Location on Trees under Monotonuous Gain Functions