2nd CologneTwenteWorkshop on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization
CTW 2003

University of Twente
Enschede, The Netherlands
May 14-16, 2003

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Program, Wednesday, 14 May

Room BB 3 Room BB 6
10.00 Registration + Coffee in Canteen of the BB-building
11:00 Opening (in Room BB 6)
11:15 Jens Buchholz Daniel Paulusma
Optimal machine scheduling in a chipyard The computational complexity of the role assignment problem
Massimiliano Caramia Paul Bonsma
A new graph model and heuristic algorithm for multi-mode task scheduling problem The Complexity of the Matching-Cut Problem for Various Graph Classes
Peter Lennartz Werner Poguntke
The Relation Between the No-Wait Job Shop Problem and the Traveling Salesman Problem Using Mincuts to Design Secret Sharing Systems in Graphs
12:30 Lunch
14:00W. Michiels Armen Asratian
Performance Ratios for the Karmarkar-Karp Differencing Method Pk+1-Decompositions of Eulerian Graphs: Complexity and Some Solvable Cases
E. Amaldi Stavros D. Nikolopoulos
Discrete models and algorithms for packet scheduling in smart antennas Counting Spanning Trees in Cographs
Tim Nieberg M. Salman
Distributed Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks The Ramsey Numbers of Paths Versus Fans
15:15 Coffee break
15:45A. Märkert Blaz Zmazek
A mean-risk approach for optimizing gas transportation in a pipeline system under uncertainty On the Weak Reconstruction of Strong Product Graphs
Stephan Tiedemann A. Pawe Wojda
Some Remarks on Conditional Value-at-Risk in Two-Stage Stochastic Integer Programming m-Path Cover Saturated Graphs
16:40 Software Demonstration (in room BB 6)
-Dieter Gernert
17:10A Knowledge-Based System for Graph Theory

Program, Thursday, 15 May

Room BB 3 Room BB 6
9:30 Plenary Talk (in Room BB 6)
Ruediger Schultz
Stochastic Integer Programs Under Risk
10.30 Coffee break
11:00 S.W. Pickl Marc Uetz
Mathematical Modeling and Approximation in Observing and Predicting of Gene Expression Patterns Enumeration of Circuits and Minimal Forbidden Sets
Kees Hoede B. Fuchs
The standard set game of a cooperative game Online Matching On a Line
Hao Sun Adriana Toni
An individually marginalistic value for set games on matroids Average Complexity of Addition Updates and Range Queries over an Array using Graphs
12:15 Lunch
14:00Thomas Epping A.D. Andres
Shortest paths through two-tone pairs The Game Chromatic Index of Forests of Maximum Degree 5
N. Zagaglia Salvi Marcia Rosana Cerioli
On some properties of base-matroids Clique graphs and Edge-clique graphs
Harald Gropp Henry Martyn Mulder
The (r,1)-designs with 13 points Signpost Systems and Their Underlying Graphs
15:15 Coffee break
15:45Open Problem Session (in Room BB 6)

18:30 Dinner, Chinese Restaurant ``China Tuin'', Oldenzaalsestraat 547, Hengelo.

Program, Friday, 16 May

Room BB 6
9:30 Sandro Bosio
A combinatorial optimization problem arising from text classification
Paolo Detti
A channel state dependent scheduling in wireless communication systems
10.20 Coffee break
10:50 A. Pecher
On Non-Rank Facets of Stable Set Polytope of Webs with Clique Number Four
Igor Vasil'ev
A heuristic for large-scale p-Median instances
12:05 Lunch